Content Management System (CMS)

bMerge proudly offers EZPublish, a powerful Content Management System (CMS). EZPublish allows multiple users to edit content on a website without having to know any HTML (and without having to pay a programmer to do it!).

Content Management System

While there are many Content Management Systems (CMS) out there, very few do exactly what a CMS is supposed to do: achieve a clean separation between content and design.

What is content and design?

Content is information that is organized and stored in a structured manner by eZ Publish. For example, content may be the components of a news article (such as the title, introduction, body, and images) or the properties of a car (such as the model, year, and color).

All information that is stored for the purpose of later retrieval is referred to as content. The presentation of content is determined by the design of a site.

While content refers to structured data, design refers to the way the data is visually presented. Design includes the things that make up a web interface: HTML, stylesheets (CSS), images that are not part of the content, typography, fonts, and so on.

So, while content deals with storing and structuring data, design dictates how the content should be presented.

Benefits of a Content Management System

The ability to handle the distinction between structuring and displaying content is one of the key features of eZ Publish. The separation of content and design provides the following benefits:

  • Content editors and designers can work separately without conflicts.
  • Content can be published easily in multiple formats.
  • Content can easily be transferred and re-purposed.
  • Global redesigns and changes can be applied with simple modifications.